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Extend the life of your tubes for even more time

NewsFebruary 27, 2016

Do you want to keep the tubes of your dinghy like new for even more time? As your dinghy is continuously used in the marine environment, your boat will be exposed to abrasions, harmful UV rays, tears, among others. This could accelerate the aging of the tubes.


Even though AB uses in all its models the best fabric material in the market today (Orca CSM), the dinghy chaps are suggested in order to keep the tubes of your AB for even longer.


The Dinghy chaps are protective covers which are installed on the tubes at all time to add extra years of service and keep your tubes like new for a longer period. Our dinghy chaps are made with the well-recognized Sunbrella Fabric which will provide to your inflatable boat extra protection to the UV rays and will protect it from the tears of the marine environment.


For more information about our dinghy chaps, contact your closest AB dealer.


How to install a dinghy chap on my ab?


You can download a short and useful guide to install them by clicking here:


Easy Guide to Install a Dinghy Chap

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