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Top 3 things to check before buying an aluminum RIB

NewsFebruary 27, 2016

When buying a new aluminum rigid inflatable boat as a primary boat or yacht tender, it is important to take into consideration many variables in order to acquire the most reliable and durable inflatable boat. However, we are going to make your decision easier by naming the top three (3) variables:


Aluminum Weldings: Always make sure to check the welding seams on the aluminum boat. Cleaner welding seams mean more reliable construction and durability.


Additionally, check that the lifting/towing eyes of the boat are welded vertically to avoid bends when lifting.


It is highly recommended that transom knees have a back plate welded reinforcement and not welded directly to the transom and deck, so the reinforcements receive all the stress placed by the knees. See more about the AB construction of the aluminum boats here: Lammina AL


Aluminum Sheet:  Don’t forget to ask before buying an aluminum rigid inflatable if the boat was made with marine grade aluminum and its thickness. As the dinghy will be used in water, the marine grade aluminum has different characteristics over conventional aluminum.


Materials & Accessories: Take your time to examine who are the providers and what kinds of materials are installed on the aluminum inflatable boat that you are buying. Well-known providers means more credibility, reliability and quality on the brand you are interested.


You can see more information about the materials that AB Inflatables use in the Why AB? Section


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