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AB aluminum coating system: Chrome-free pretreatment & powder coating

NewsJune 13, 2017

AB aluminum inflatable boats feature a Chrome-free Pretreatment before powder coating that provides the following advantages:

  • Superior anti-corrosive resistance: All AB aluminum inflatable boats are made with the best marine grade aluminum which provides protection against corrosion. However, if your preference is to have your aluminum dinghy powder coated, our chrome-free pretreatment also provides additional anti-corrosive resistance to your aluminum boat.


  • Superior Adherence: When the chrome-free pretreatment is applied to each of the aluminum hulls, this technology helps to increase the adherence of the coating to the aluminum hull once is applied.

See more about our Powder Coating process here: AB Aluminum Hull Division,


Quality tests according to American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM)


  • Adherence test (ASTM D2794-93)
  • Analytical capability test (ASTM D522/D522M-13)
  • Accelerated corrosion test (Salt spray Camera)



Sanctuary Cove Boat Show – Australia


Sydney International Boat Show – Australia

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