We are dedicated to building the finest inflatable boats in the world.

One measure of our unique success is achieving the 3 most stringent industry certifications: CE (Europe), NMMA (USA) and ISO 9001 Bureau Veritas (No. CO 237239-A). We do not merely use quality-control standards, we instead earn the strict certifications.


Our commitment to deliver the best products to our customers extends to submitting all our manufacturing processes to rigorous evaluations by third-party auditors, which guarantees the highest quality standards.


We offer the peace of mind that comes from providing each boat with a unique history report, documenting who made it and what materials were used. These records are useful to improve or modify our production procedures. This quality-control system, just one way in which we fulfill our promise to continuous learning, has enabled us to make important upgrades to our boats throughout our 40+ years in business.

Innovation and Craftsmanship

As part of our unshakable dedication to produce superior inflatable boats, we handcraft each boat to ensure even the smallest details are handled with care. The result is a full line of inflatable boats designed and built to please our customers, with the exceptional quality they have come to expect from AB.

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